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Had Trump launched prosecutions against Hillary Clinton and James Comey, it could've been the end of his presidency, as a clear-cut abuse of power
Had President Donald Trump been successful in launching prosecutions against Hillary Clinton and James Comey, it could have spelled the end of his presidency, as a clear-cut abuse of power.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 9:50 AM
Trump wanted the Justice Department to investigate Clinton
President Donald Trump told the top White House lawyer in April that he wanted to order federal prosecutions of Hillary Clinton and James Comey, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 1:46 AM
Ex-WH counsel: Trump going to level Nixon never went to
John Dean, one of the central figures in the Watergate scandal, said that even Former President Richard Nixon would say President Donald Trump is "going too far," in response to the New York Times report saying that Trump wanted to order the DOJ to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 3:35 AM
Trump sends finished written answers to Mueller
President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he's done answering questions from special counsel Robert Mueller related to the investigation of possible collusion between Trump associates and Russians, and he expects his legal team to submit them soon.

POSTED NOVEMBER 20, 2018 9:41 PM
Opinion: Our fragile President
The fiction that Donald Trump is a "counter-puncher" is getting a workout as his defenders try to justify the President's attacks on everyone from US Rep. Adam Schiff ("little Adam Schitt") to the special counsel Robert Mueller ("gone absolutely nuts.") The myth holds that Trump is a tough guy who fights back. In fact, he is a fragile man running out of safe places to hide.

POSTED NOVEMBER 20, 2018 6:47 PM
Lawmaker: Trump taking us down terrible road
In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) says that he views Trump's reported requests to former White House counsel Don McGahn to ask the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton as "an abuse of power" and "exactly what got Richard Nixon into trouble." The requests were first reported by the New York Times.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 1:33 AM
Top Republicans slam Trump for statement backing Saudi Arabia
• Analysis: Trump's Saudi support highlights brutality of 'America First' doctrine

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 10:08 AM
Saudi Arabia tortured activists including women, rights groups claim
Saudi Arabia has tortured, sexually harassed and mistreated several human rights activists detained since May this year, including women, two leading international rights groups have alleged.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 12:32 PM
Berman slams Trump over Saudi response
CNN's John Berman looks at President Donald Trump's relationship with Saudi Arabia after the President signaled that he will not take strong action against Saudi Arabia or its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the death and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 3:03 AM
Analysis: Trump's Saudi support highlights brutality of 'America First' doctrine
It is the Trump doctrine laid bare.

POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2018 1:09 PM

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